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Our Vision

I've been working in some capacity with children for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be a teacher early on in my childhood and I followed through graduating with a BS in Elementary Education and then a Masters in Educational Leadership. Between completing my Bachelors and my Masters, I have served in a variety of leadership roles in the public and private education realm, but I none seemed to match my passion. 

My entire childhood was spent creating and spending time in Nature. I often ran around barefoot and Summer was a time of endless play-filled possibilities for my neighborhood friends and I.

In 2012 I found a little gray building on the edge of Mankato, MN and put in an offer. I had a lot of doubters, but I used their doubt to fuel my drive to create a place where children could be themselves. 

Here children walk barefoot in the grass, and dance in the rain in rainsuits; boxes may be an airplane, a rocketship, or even a boat, but you will not find them on worksheets because we don't have any. 


You will find no shortage of sticks, rocks, sand, or dirt. But above all you will find compassionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to defending childhood as it should be: play-filled and free.  We do not just value, but we fully believe in and support children as natural learners. For that reason you will not find a formal curriculum, as we follow the lead and interests of the children. Gardening, building, crafting, exploring, and creating is why we are here. While our origins were providing child care, our future is a small Play School for up to 10 children and a Homeschool Cooperative for families who believe in natural learning. Formal curriculums, worksheets, and assessments have no home here.  As Bev Bos always said, "The child is the curriculum."

The all encompassing component of our environment is Faith. We value relationship, not religion, with God and as such prayer and talking about His work in our lives is a foundational element of our environment. We believe that we have a Creator, who purposefully created two genders and who knew us before we were born when He knit us together in our mother's womb. Our society has a great deal to say when it comes to gender and relationships and we believe in protecting the innocence of children. Books and conversation seeking to undermine our Creator's design are not welcome here. We are a fully private tuition environment and do not participate in financial programs, government funded or otherwise, who choose to undermine our values. 

Finally, we value medical freedom and the parent/individual's right to choose what is best for their family. We do not promote, encourage or disseminate information from public health agencies or otherwise relating to vaccinations. You and you alone, have the right to choose and that right is protected by Minnesota State Law. 

If you're still reading and you value nature, learning through experiences, and a relationship with God, and are searching for a community to raise your children alongside, welcome home. 

We're excited you're here and we're excited for you to join our wonder-filled community.  


Have you played outside today?

Elizabeth Bangert

Founder, Owner, and Director, but my favorite title is "Mom" to Jacob. 

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