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A cornerstone of Here We Grow, is our teachers. Having worked in other environments with high turnover, low wages, and high ratios, each of us has seen first hand the impact that has on children. 

For that reason, when we opened ten years ago, our wages were above minimum wage and far above the industry standard. 

While our licensed capacity is 34, our enrollment at this time is purposefully capped at 14 children September through May, and 18 children, June through August, due to current availability of staffing.  


Over the years Here We Grow has gone to great lengths to participate in programs that were originally designed to provide financial assistance to families. We held a 4 Star Parent Aware Rating for 4 years and participated in the Child Care Assistance Program. However as time went on, participation in those programs began to impact our ability to fulfill our  purpose. Parent Aware became very focused on assessment of children and the manner in which the reimbursement from the State occurred was an average of 30-45 days behind when services were rendered.  This lead to our decision to discontinue participation in these programs. 

In Spring of 2020, during the pandemic, a grant program was introduced to provide assistance for wages of teachers in child care. The average payment was about $400 per month, however the program came with requirements that would have again impacted our mission and we elected to not participate. 

If we have learned anything in the past ten years, it is that programs which seem well intentioned, often have requirements that impact our philosophy of childhood being free and play-filled. Some of them even cross a line when it comes to Parental Rights. 

We believe that children are a gift from God and that Parents are the ultimate authority in the lives of their children. We do not and will not participate in programs that seek to usurp those rights, whether by accident or by design. 

The cost of childcare is challenging to navigate for many families and we continue to pray for solutions that provide financial relief to families without sacrificing their Parental Rights or the rights of children to live a childhood that is free and play-filled. 

Our Tuition is based on the well deserved wages of our core tenured staff, each of whom have been here 6 years with others over  10 years.  At this time we do have an inflation surcharge due to the rising costs of insurance, food, utilities, and everyday things which are necessary to provide not just basic care for children, but high quality care in an environment where they are respected. 

As of June 5, 2023, our weekly tuition rates are as follows:

Children ages 16 months - 5 years: $325 ($25 is an inflation surcharge)

Children who are entering 1st Grade through 3rd Grade: $220 

We offer the ability to pay tuition weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Tuition is due Monday of each week and is applied to that week of care. 

Childhood happens once. Our mission is to walk alongside families  as we work together to protect that childhood through consistent care providers and an environment that values and respects the important work of children - play. 

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